Art On Campus

Current%20ExhibitionsMany students probably know that there are performing arts events at Lincoln Hall. I have seen music recitals, plays, lectures, and dances in Lincoln Hall, and they were all well attended. But it seems like campus art galleries are less popular for PSU students to visit.

We have four beautiful galleries on campus. There is the Littman Gallery on the second floor of Smith Union, which is run by a student group. Neuberger Hall has the Autzen Gallery on the second floor, and the Art Building has two galleries, MK gallery and AB Lobby Gallery, on the first and second floors. These galleries have art exhibitions constantly, and are open to the public.

All of the galleries show contemporary art by students and emerging artists. It is great to see what kind of artwork is being created right now, and how it reflects contemporary life. For example, you may see some social issues in gender, age, and race, through the lens of art. Sometimes artists from other cities and other countries are featured at the galleries. The galleries are just a fun way to spend a couple of hours between classes. If you are interested in art, I really recommend checking out PSU’s gallery exhibits at





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