Film grad challenges gendered fashion in multimedia exhibition

If you could design an outfit that expresses your true self, setting aside fashion trends, gender-based expectations and worries about what’s considered “flattering,” what would you create? Would you go for sparkles and sequins, rich colors, fine tailoring or flowing fabrics? Would you design something that allows you to celebrate the distinctive, unique person you are?  Over the past year, thanks to Garrett Recker, a … Continue reading Film grad challenges gendered fashion in multimedia exhibition

Crafting in Quarantine: “Quaranzines”

Whether in mandatory or self-imposed isolation, people are turning to hobbies like arts and crafts to keep themselves occupied.  One fun project having a moment on social media is zine-making: The hashtag #quaranzine has over 5,000 hits on Instagram. Merriam-Webster defines a zine as “a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter.” There is no right or … Continue reading Crafting in Quarantine: “Quaranzines”

B.A. in Crochet

 by Claire Golden My backpack is full of everything you might expect from a college student: textbooks, notebook, three-ring binder, a few candy wrappers, and a purple crochet dinosaur. Wait, doesn’t everybody have that last one? This particular dinosaur serves as my pencil case and has been an excellent conversation starter. That’s just one of the many benefits that crochet has brought me in the … Continue reading B.A. in Crochet

Portland State’s Best Near-Campus Movie Theaters

 By Andrew D. Jankowski Who doesn’t love movies, right? Whether what you prefer, movies offer a means for finding common ground and expressing bold ideas. Portland State University has numerous professional theaters within an easy walk from campus, but PSU also houses numerous spaces to see movies on campus. All the listed screening spaces are free for PSU students. 5th Avenue Cinema The most well-known … Continue reading Portland State’s Best Near-Campus Movie Theaters