It’s the great apartment hunt, Charlie Brown!

For-Rent-Sign-bigAs some of you know, I live in the dorms here on campus, and while they are wonderful, my best friend and I have decided to move in together summer term. Unfortunately for us, housing on campus does not have any two-bedroom options available (unless we live at University Pointe, which is too expensive for us) and we don’t want to share a one-bedroom place. Since there is a lack of two-bedroom housing on campus, we are forced to look elsewhere.

For us living downtown is too costly since we have a budget of around of $1,000-$1,100 in rent per month, while we like the convenience of living in Portland, square footage increases dramatically outside of downtown.  Portland is too costly for the average college student.

Thus far our search has included the Lake Oswego and Beaverton areas, where we’ve looked at apartments and townhouses. These areas are our preference and while we’ve had some luck, we are by no means finished looking. We have a couple months till we have to move, and plan to do plenty of visits and research to find the perfect place! I’ll miss the convenience of living on campus, but saving a couple hundred dollars a month on rent will more than make up for the extra commute time!