Portland gets Shot! (by me)

By Emma Eberhart One of my favorite pastimes is photography — specifically film photography — and lucky for me Portland, Oregon is absolutely stunning in film. Below are some of my favorite shots that I have taken of buildings here in Portland. All of the photos are taken with a Canon AE-1 Program in 35 mm colored film. Montgomery Court, Portland State campus in the … Continue reading Portland gets Shot! (by me)

It’s the great apartment hunt, Charlie Brown!

As some of you know, I live in the dorms here on campus, and while they are wonderful, my best friend and I have decided to move in together summer term. Unfortunately for us, housing on campus does not have any two-bedroom options available (unless we live at University Pointe, which is too expensive for us) and we don’t want to share a one-bedroom place. … Continue reading It’s the great apartment hunt, Charlie Brown!