Quarter Life Crisis

If you would have told me my freshman year that I would cut more than a foot of hair off my head, learn how to longboard, and  major in communication and film, I would have thought you were crazier than the guy who walks his pet pig around campus on a leash.  (Though I hear that dude is pretty awesome, don’t get me wrong.)

This quarter I have finally decided to follow my moral compass and to be completely honest. I’ve never felt so much like myself. After calling this winter quarter my mid-mid life crisis, my boss brought to light a catchier way of wording my feelings. I dub this quarter my “Quarter Life Crisis”.

The hair cut was overdue. That one was obvious. But on a more serious note, after majoring in business for almost a year, I had finally reached my breaking point. My friends and family could read that I was unhappy and frustrated with my major, noticing my consistent mood swings and restlessness. I’m not sure when the light bulb flickered in my head, but I’m certainly glad it did in time to ensure I would still graduate in two years taking topics that actually interest me: communications and film.

And the longboard… It helps me get outside more. It’s easy in Portland to become lazy and greet the gray weather with some Netflix and a cozy bed. But this longboard has been motivating me to get off campus and speed downhill through some random Portland slopes (when it’s not too wet of course). I must admit though, I’m not terribly great at it yet, but after all those business classes I had forgotten how much fun it is to learn something that excites me.

It took me a long time to realize what I wanted out of my Portland State experience. Perhaps this is a part of the college process, for I can only truly name off a handful of sophomores who feel the same as they did last year; a lot of other students at PSU are going through the same things as me. There’s nothing wrong with change, and I hope other students out there are accepting their own “Quarter Life Crisis” no matter how drastic or crazy.




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