Searching for the right haircut

For the longest time, my father cut my hair growing up. My two younger brothers and I never went to a barber shop to get the job done. And this job is complicated to say the least. Around 16 or 17, my father just didn’t have the same precision as before and my hair was just too difficult to cut. Soon after, my father simply retired, if you will, from cutting my hair and my brother’s as well. I was confident that if my father could cut my hair, anyone else with experience could do it just as well.

I have never been so wrong. Everywhere I went, whether a salon or barber shop, no one could get my haircut right. My hair naturally is very thick and coarse and grows at a ridiculous pace. I would need a haircut every two weeks. It’s funny now, but I remember my sisters poking fun at my hair growing up. The few pictures I have found of myself when I was child show me why. My hair looks like hay stemming from my head, making it look huge, and it was just all over the place. Somehow my father knew how to cut and work my hair into something decent and satisfying over the years.

After many people and places cutting my hair into weird shapes, combing the top flat, thinning it out, leaving one side shorter than the other, and leaving uncut hairs, I think I have found my barber. I met Chris at the Great Clips at PSU. He cut my hair with relative ease and was surprised that I was surprised on how well he had done. To me, it was simply a miracle. If Chris could cut my hair, he could cut anyone’s. Unfortunately he moved to a new location, I however was told by one of his coworkers where he moved.

Chris now works at Hair M, which is pretty pricey for most students who are on a budget. I have only been there two or three times this past year. But it’s worth it to get my perfect haircut.

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