Lucy, I’m home!

As some of you may remember, my last blog entry was about finding an apartment and having to move. Well, it happened. In the span of 72 hours, my roommates and I found an apartment, signed papers, and moved – mostly because ResLife at Portland state required me to move out ridiculously quickly. But the new place is wonderful!

Living off campus, in Lake Oswego, might mean a drive but I have gained two amazing roommates, a full size fridge, and an oven that is actually from this century, decent water pressure, a shower, and even a dishwasher! While campus housing has its perks, I love my new place. And I would much rather commute by Trimet or drive, than pay the extra price to live downtown or on campus for less amenities.

I guess when it comes to it; we all figure out what we can and can’t live without. I can live with a little less convenience in commute time. I can’t live without modern appliances. Can you?

3 thoughts on “Lucy, I’m home!

  1. I am glad you found a place to hang your hat Sean. But you must comment, was the rent amount in Lake Oswego comparable in price to others? I have always thought of Lake Oswego as kind of a spendy place to live. Maybe things have changed?

  2. It depends on where you live in Lake Oswego, Our Apartment is a little more spendy than others, but has some wonderful features that I feel make up for it. That being said, with two roommates, in a 3 bedroom apartment, we are each paying about $650 at max for rent + utilities and cable. Compared to the near $1,000 a month I was paying in Parkway without cable.

  3. Hi Sean,

    I was recently accepted into PSU as a graduate student, and I will be making the move to Portland from Florida at the end of this summer. I won’t be able to bring my car with me. Could you perhaps recommend an apartment that is close to PSU and reasonably priced?

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