When late-night munchies attack, where do you turn?

We’ve all been there before. You’re up hours past your bed time, studying for that midterm in the morning, and suddenly your stomach starts grumbling. You need to take a break and put some food in your belly, but there aren’t many late-night choices on campus. Here’s a list of the my picks:

1.) Pita Pit. Some say it’s a bit pricy, but Pita Pit is your best bet if you’re in the mood for a healthy gyro after midnight. It’s also one of the only true “restaurants” open late on campus.

2.) Subway. Might not be as healthy as Pita Pit, but this baby’s cheaper and open 24/7.


3.) Plaid Pantry/Seven-Eleven. If you only need some trail mix or a Snickers, these stores are convenient and open late.

4.) Safeway. A step up from Plaid Pantry, Safeway is open until the wee hours of the morning… but be warned: there’s usually only one cashier. Expect a long line.


5.) The Cheerful Tortoise. Always a good fallback if you need a drink to settle your nerves before that midterm. But be careful: waking up woozy for a test is never fun.

6.) Top Ramen. Don’t forget this college classic! And you’ll only have to walk as far as your microwave. (Also: chicken flavor is the best. Don’t even argue.)Image

What’s your favorite when late-night munchies attack?

2 thoughts on “When late-night munchies attack, where do you turn?

  1. Someone didn’t do their research. There is no longer any 7-11 on campus.

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