Why WE Love PSU

They say, Portland is one of the best metropolitan cities to live with one of the highest happiness index. What is better than living in a happy, sustainable city while obtaining your education? I can honestly say I love PSU, from the authentic culture, to the community development program, to the great people I have met.

I know I’m not the only one with Viking pride, so I decided to ask some of my peers what they thought about PSU!

“I love that PSU is so diverse. It gave me the opportunity to learn and grow through various individuals and their different cultural beliefs as well as share my own cultural knowledge of being Hawaiian.”

– Ka’ila See, Health Studies/Health Science Major

“I love that PSU offers small class sizes and excellent professors in the School of Business Administration. They make you feel like a family and not just another number.”

– Cole Sturm, Business Marketing Major

“I was very nervous when I first joined the PSU tennis club, primarily because I am a freshman and have a hard time making friends. When I went to the first tennis practice everyone was so kind and welcomed me with open arms. Our diversed tennis club is great because we go on fun trips and tournaments!”

– Lauren Ogard, Graph Design Major

“There are many reasons why I love PSU but the main reason is because it provides its students with cultural centers such as La Casa Latina and the Multicultural Center, and first generation student resources such as the Diversity and Multicultural Student Services and Trio.”

– Francisco Ibarra, Community Development Major

“PSU has an amazing art program, the instructors are fun and supportive. Also, I love the urban planning department, especially in a sustainable city like Portland – it is the perfect environment to get connections to both local and international non-profits projects.”

– Mashael Alshammary, Architecture Major

What do YOU love about PSU?

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