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  • Relating to a ’60s radical

    Relating to a ’60s radical

    By: Sharon Nellist I was merely ONE among a sold-out crowd listening to the lovely Angela Davis speak her words of great wisdom in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Portland State University on Jan. 21, 2015. A year ago when I came to PSU, I never would have thought to attend such an event,…

  • Discover PSU’s Resource Centers

    Discover PSU’s Resource Centers

    By: Andreea N. Are you familiar with Portland State University’s resource centers? They provide students with the tools, resources and support networks to better integrate into the community. They also help students excel in their studies and increase social, cultural and global awareness. Diversity and Multicultural Student Services (DMSS) DMSS works with students from ethnically-diverse…

  • Why WE Love PSU

    Why WE Love PSU

    They say, Portland is one of the best metropolitan cities to live with one of the highest happiness index. What is better than living in a happy, sustainable city while obtaining your education? I can honestly say I love PSU, from the authentic culture, to the community development program, to the great people I have…