What price freedom?

It’s a normal day on campus. The sun is out (always a welcome thing), the birds are singing, and the normal crowd is milling around between Cramer and Smith Union. ‘All normal.

I took a seat outside Cramer Hall facing Smith. I was tired. I had just gotten out of a history class, Greek 300, and I wanted to catch some fresh air before I crammed down a sandwich in the Smith cafeteria and trudged on to my next class, French 101.

It was then I noticed him. At first glance all seemed normal. A 20 -something male student, jeans, old Chuck Taylor All Stars, black-grey hoodie…but with the hood up. He had a cardboard box with him. He looked kind of pensive. Maybe he was waiting for someone? He was across the way from me right up against Smith Union, next to the door that led to the stairs, but he never entered. He just kept looking around. The wrap around black sunglasses kept me from noticing much about him. But the more I looked the more I became intrigued. I mean, why does someone just stand there, looking around, but never really paying attention to anyone who approaches him? What was he doing? And then he did something even more odd. He took that box, reached inside, and then just set it behind himself against the wall.  That’s weird…why did he take so long to do just that? And with that he suddenly walked away fast, toward the street. And then it hit me…

Ordinary looking box
Ordinary looking box

Holy crap! That could be a bomb…

No, this did not really happen. It is a story I made up, fiction. But we hear many times, “We live in a free country”. Yes we do. But freedom does not come without a price. And that price sometimes may be your safety. Do not walk around afraid but do keep your eyes open and your brain in gear.

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