8 random facts about going to PSU

1. Believe it or not, not everyone is a hipster here. Yes there’s a lot of stylish duds and mason jar usage, but there are a wide variety of cultures on campus.

2. Even if you’re having a bad day, there’s bound to be a cute puppy,dog, or see No. 5 being walked around the campus Park Blocks to cheer you up.

3. Lately I’ve noticed a lot of men with impressively longer ponytails than me.

4. Though PSU is widely known as being a commuter school, CAMPUS LIFE IS NOT DEAD. You can make PSU into any type of experience you would like it to be. Yes, it might take a bit more effort than OSU or U of O, but there are a lot of nice people to meet and mingle with here.

5. Sometimes people walk their pet pigs around campus when it is sunny out.

6. There is a TON of opportunity at PSU. Within the first three weeks of my freshman year, I got a job as an office assistant with little to no work experience. Now that I am almost a junior, PSU has given me over four jobs in my college career to help me pay for school.

7. There are a lot of on campus groups to join. Ranging from philosophy club to board game club, there’s just about something for everyone.

8. Why do Portland State student’s enjoy the rain? Because it scares the clipboard people away.