Relationships drifting away

Life changes quite a bit when you go through college. It is exhilarating to experience new things, but along with these new things, you have to let go of what used to be.

I have realized I’m no longer friends or connected with most of my high school friends. I will always remember hearing at my high school graduation that you will stay acquainted with only 15 percent or less of your friends after you enter college, or “real-life.” I just remember how ridiculous that sounded. Was I really going to lose 85 percent of the friends I grew up with? I could not wrap my mind around that.

But the reality was things were going to change. We all move away from home to attend school or work, and then slowly — and I can never pinpoint the time — we become strangers. You adapt to a new outlook and perspective depending on where you live and whom you surround yourself with.

You go through college, and you eventually find the “niche” of where you belong. Although I have dwelled on the loss of friendships, I find myself rediscovering myself again through the friends I have met in college. You realize you have to be surrounded by people who share your vision — not necessarily the same interests, but the same sense of direction. I am so fortunate to have found that here at PSU.