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  • What I learned in my first term of college

    What I learned in my first term of college

    I learned a lot in my first term at PSU. Here are a few tips that I hope will help you as well.

  • Students show gratitude for the holidays

    Students show gratitude for the holidays

    We asked PSU students to reflect on how the year has shaped them and what they’re thankful for.

  • What it’s like to be an Honors College student

    What it’s like to be an Honors College student

    By: Ragan Love As of Fall 2021, I am a junior at Portland State and am a student in the College of the Arts and the University Honors College. Since this is my third year, I have lots of insight on how these two programs work and the one I get the most questions about…

  • Different Priorities

    Different Priorities

    Welcome back, everyone! I’m excited for spring term. My classes are interesting, my color-coding system is finalized, and I’m confident that this is the term that I’ll finally slay the Procrastination Dragon. And this term, I mean it. I have the habit of making overly-ambitious to-do lists; both necessary (like re-organizing the closet and taking…

  • The Case For Zoom

    The Case For Zoom

    When PSU announced that the coming spring and summer terms would continue to be remote, I had conflicting feelings. On one hand, I’m happy that PSU is looking out for students, faculty, and staff by minimizing physical contact. It’s comforting to be part of an institution that values health and safety. On the other hand,…

  • Storms Ahead

    Storms Ahead

    I wouldn’t say I hate the rain … but it’s not my favorite natural phenomenon, either. The dismal grey skies and absence of natural light. Soaked clothes and muddy shoes. Umbrellas dripping all over the carpet. Humidity that turns an hour’s effort with the straightening iron into a frizzy, unkempt mess. The ever-present risk of…

  • Portland State’s 20 bright spots in 2020

    Portland State’s 20 bright spots in 2020

    No matter how you choose to describe it, 2020 has been a year like no other. But it hasn’t been ALL bad. Though the threat of COVID-19, urgency around racial equity and a strife-filled political climate have dominated our thoughts and lives, it wasn’t hard to find inspiring PSU stories that will give you all…

  • A Capstone About Cats: Reflections on Our Senior Capstone

    By Claire Golden and Erika Nelson It was complete coincidence that two PSU Chronicles bloggers — Erika and Claire — ended up in the same Senior Capstone, but we wanted to reflect on our experience. This was far and away the most involved class we’d ever taken, but it was also one of the most…

  • Making Do

    Making Do

    Recently, I wrote about my experiences under lockdown in student housing. Although being alone in quarantine was weighing on my mental health, I said that crashing with family or friends in Southern Oregon was not an ideal option for me. Since that post, I tried really hard to make the best of my situation — …