Students show gratitude for the holidays

As we enter the season of gratitude, we at Portland State are thankful for the perseverance of all those in our community who continue to learn, teach and serve through all the change and challenge of the past two years. We’ve learned a lot of lessons, and discovered untapped reserves of strength, generosity and kindness.

We asked some Vikings to reflect on how the year has shaped them as the holidays approach, and were inspired by their thoughtful responses (watch video below). A sample:

  • “I’ve learned to not take a lot of things for granted, not take my life for granted.”
  • “Make sure that you have enough time for yourself.”
  • “Times can change within the blink of an eye, live within the moment.”
  • “I’m thankful that I’m alive, and here.”
  • “Just appreciate that little time you have with friends, with family, or whoever you know.”

What are you thankful for, Viks?




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