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  • Students show gratitude for the holidays

    Students show gratitude for the holidays

    We asked PSU students to reflect on how the year has shaped them and what they’re thankful for.

  • Dorm Pie

    Dorm Pie

    As I’ve written before, I live in student housing. Dorms— a word that connotes many things related to “the college experience”— ridiculously tall beds, hallways decorated to reflect the RA’s floor theme, washing machines that only work half the time … and above all, socialization. From bonding over bowls of instant ramen to flashcard quizzes…

  • Go Homemade For Heartfelt Gifts

    Go Homemade For Heartfelt Gifts

     By: Anna Sobczyk Years ago, my mom started a tradition where everyone our family has to make a homemade Christmas gift for someone. At Thanksgiving, we draw names to see who has who. I didn’t think much of the tradition when I was younger; it was just something extra I had to do. I eventually…

  • Give Thanks for Thanksgiving

    Give Thanks for Thanksgiving

     By Kellie Doherty This week is Thanksgiving. A time for laughter and cheer, for friends and family, for great food and even better company. A lovely little holiday leading up to The Big One. But honestly? It’s some pretty terrible timing. Next week is Dead Week here on campus and finals are literally just around…

  • It is a wonderful life

    It is a wonderful life

    By: Sharon Jackson I absolutely adore this time of year! See expression below. Bulky sweaters. Knitted socks. Hot holiday beverages. “I could go on forever baby!” My dad and I used to pull out several boxes of tangled strings of large light bulbs from the attic and attempt to wrestle them into a straight line.…

  • Turkey, “Tofurkey”, and Gluten-free Stuffing

    I hope all you Vikings had a delightfully relaxing and fulfilling holiday weekend! I was definitely thankful for the mini-vacation. But I suspect that if, like me, you spent most of Thanksgiving Day in the kitchen, you may have also had a few holiday-stress-induced breakdowns. At my house, we rarely have the dinner table feuds…