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  • PSU Black Studies professor reflects on MLK’s legacy

    BY SHIRLEY JACKSONFACULTY GUEST CONTRIBUTOR This marks the 20th year that all U.S. states recognized the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a national holiday.  The idea of the MLK or King holiday, as it is referred to be many, started with Coretta Scott King, Dr. King’s widow. After her husband’s assassination…

  • An Uncertain Senior

    An Uncertain Senior

    Starting at PSU, I knew that I wanted to delve into communications studies but had no idea what that truly meant. My first year, I took an intercultural communications course and was immediately drawn in by the depth in subject matter that we covered. From this course, I found that I was deeply interested in…

  • Smashing Relationship Q&A

    Smashing Relationship Q&A

     By: Anchitta Noowong  

  • Almost Good Enough

    Almost Good Enough

     by Steph Holton I recently applied to be a student commencement speaker. On paper, I’m pretty qualified for the job. I did three years of speech and debate, I recently presented a paper at a conference and I even spoke at my high school graduation, all with a fair amount of success. When I had…

  • An Ode to the Deviants

    An Ode to the Deviants

     By Naomi Kolb I posted a picture of my graduation from community college on Instagram almost exactly two years ago to the day. The caption for my photo read, “official graduate of @inverhills with my associate of arts in gender and women’s studies. @portlandstate I’m coming for you next!” It wasn’t particularly unusual that I…

  • Don’t Forget What You Love

    Don’t Forget What You Love

     By: Anna Sobczyk Recently, I have found myself falling away from some of the hobbies I love in order to study and do homework. Even though college is definitely a time to figure yourself out and find your identity, I started to miss parts of myself I’d accidentally left behind. For years I sang, played…

  • The Ultimate Way To Get Involved

    The Ultimate Way To Get Involved

    By: Anna Sobczyk Get involved is a phrase every college student has heard. As an incoming freshman, I didn’t put much thought into getting involved because I wasn’t entirely sure of the benefits. On top of my doubts, the sheer number of student organizations to choose from was overwhelming. But as I settled into Portland,…

  • ’80s Night at the Rec

    ’80s Night at the Rec

    Being the photographer and designer for the Rec Center means a couple things. I get to know about a bunch of great events happening here early, and I get to be included in most of them. My job includes everything from photographing the events to designing most of the materials used in them and to…

  • Why I ‘Sailed through the Stars’

    Why I ‘Sailed through the Stars’

      By Kellie Doherty Graduate school is busy and stressful. But don’t get me wrong, I love my book publishing program. I’ll be sad to leave next month, but sometimes I just have to do something else. PSU has no shortage of cool events for students, and last Saturday was no exception. I decided to go…