Library as your home

Does anyone view the Millar library as their home? Or should I be asking: Does anyone not? As a place rich in knowledge, it is the Millar’s atmosphere that makes it inviting. You can read, learn and make new friends, and the staff is helpful and engaging. I am already calling it my second home and a place that is perfect to enhance my learning experience. Grab a hot cappuccino and be seated on the east side of the 2nd floor and the morning sun will provide you with the needed Vitamin D! And even if the sun is not willing to warm you up, the drizzling rain provides the perfect setting for refreshing your mind. In the evening, bunk up on the cozy 4th floor on the west side and study while watching a game on Stott Field. What more can you ask for? Hit the Millar to experience the energy.

Do you agree?






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