Three Steps to Surviving Finals

Tired, slow and unmotivated are just three of the words that describe, well, most of us right now. We are scrambling to figure out what classes to register for and cramming for midterms and our last chance to get an A in that class we’ve been frustrated with all term.

Hey, there are still three more weeks left — isn’t that lovely. This week, however, we need to rejuvenate ourselves and take time to just relax. Of course, we still have to study, but we have the next three weeks to study until our pens run out of ink and pencils break.

So now you are asking, “What I should do instead of pulling my hair out?” Easy.


Step one: Put that book and pencil down. Yes, you heard me right, put it down.

Step two: Go outside by yourself or with a friend, grab a Frisbee or any sport ball and just play. Or go on a walk to refresh your mind.

Step three: Cook yourself dinner, and no, mac-and-cheese or ramen noodles don’t count. Create a meal with chicken, tuna, or if you’re a vegetarian go for a fresh salad with fresh produce and nuts added to it. We all seem to think snacks will get us through the day, but you’re only losing energy by not satisfying your hunger.

Understanding that we all may not have enough time to make that meal, we still have to remember to check our health and listen to what our body is telling us.

Good luck to everyone on midterms and finals!




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