Thanksgiving Poem


I cannot believe,
I am missing Thanksgiving in Washington
For the first time
Yet, so thankful for this new,
Oregonian Experience.
I will be here for a while,
Might as well settle in.
Stuffing, black-eyed peas,
Mom’s deviled eggs:
There is no comparison.
Food everywhere, watching the game
I hope the Cowboys lose.
Let’s not forget why we came.
Bow thy head and pray;
Thank whatever god you believe.
For me, I say
Thank God….
For the future,
My little cousins, and sisters,
The older ones too.
Thanks for my daughters and nephew,
My grandparents for installing this old soul,
Aunties, uncles, friends, and especially my foes,
My brotherhood, thanks for the black and old gold
My lovely lady, keeping me warm through this November cold,
Mom and Dad, for raising me into a productive man.
Of course thanks for my job,
And this wondrous green land
Most of all…thank you, thank you, thank you
My PSU Chronicles fam!

– Way 2 Cold





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