Someone Pinch Me

It’s been a month and a half since I moved,

And I’m still amazed at the beauty of what is Portland.

A city built within nature,

So many colors and scenery.

As I walk with my friends through the forest,

I marvel at the beauty.

This place that I never knew about up until this year,

Has a type of wonder to it. It pulls you in, hypnotizes you and won’t let you go.

Some days it hits me like

“Whoa I’m here, I’m actually here.”

Other days, like today it hits a little different,

“Someone pinch me, I must dreaming.”

“This is so beautiful and gorgeous!”

“I can’t believe I get to spend the next three years out here!”

You can get lost here,

And not the bad lost where you wonder around and forget where you came from.

The type of lost that just makes you appreciate what’s out here.

City and nature,

All in one.

What more you can you ask for,

In a place that has me say “someone pinch me”

-Krystal Figueroa

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