Study anytime, 24/7 on Campus

By Wiwin Hartini

When school starts, everyone gets busy working on assignments. It’s week 5 already and we’re getting closer to midterms. I’m nervous just to think about that because I know assignments are due soon and exams are coming up. Stress level is increasing while time is still constant. This is when I try to break down every task into a smaller task and focus on finishing it rather than to sit down for hours trying to finish one assignment all at once. 

A study place becomes critical because there is always that “one place” where I can be more productive without a lot of distractions. It’s tricky to find a comfortable place to study because I do need that “studying atmosphere”. And each individual definitely has different preferences.

What’s nice about PSU is that I can study pretty much in almost all buildings 24/7 with the card access on our IDs. I found this very helpful because I like to stay late and I enjoy doing homework when people are sleeping. For example, I can actually go to the Power Lab in the engineering building and use it anytime, 24/7. I’ve seen other students utilize the facility around 3-4 AM which impresses me because as a student, I like to be surrounded by other motivated students.

I think it’s a luxury and asset for students to have access to campus facilities 24/7. The library opens until 12 AM on weekdays too. I’ve used the study rooms in the library and KMC to prep for presentations. I’d say that it’s fun to explore other buildings to find study spots because it’s easy to just spend the whole quarter in one or two buildings where our classes are thus missing out on other things provided by PSU.





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