Portland State student starts company that makes GMO-free, sustainable sandwich cookies

German Ochoa is one of the founders of Woppa! The company makes GMO-free sandwich cookies, with a focus on sustainability and inclusion.
Photo by Patric Simon

Looking for a sweet treat? Look no further than Woppa! alfajores. Created by four founders, Woppa! is a business that creates GMO-free alfajores sandwich cookies that come in a variety of flavors.

One of the four founders of Woppa! is innovator and student-entrepreneur German Ochoa. Ochoa is a senior at Portland State University majoring in Global Supply Chain Management.

Ochoa’s business model is focused on sustainability and inclusion while sharing delicious alfajores with the world, which are sandwich cookies found in countries like Spain and Argentina. After a year of research and development, Ochoa found that the only way to stand out from the competition was to create a sustainable product “that can genuinely represent and inspire those who follow their dream.”

Woppa! was created with the help of PSU’s Cube Program. The Cube is a four-month-long program that helps students turn their prototypes into reality, preparing them for launch by the end of the program. Currently, Woppa! is in the process of completing its production line and looking to expand to a second facility.

We asked German about his business and experience at PSU.

“The uncertainty can be your best or worst ally, but you gotta trust yourself so things can turn out for the best.”


How did The Cube program help you?

The Cube has made great connections for me in the food industry and advising on a few essential steps to execute my next phases, whether it is preparing financial opportunities down the row or ensuring my company’s IP (intellectual property).

What is some advice you can offer to other student entrepreneurs?

The uncertainty can be your best or worst ally, but you gotta trust yourself so things can turn out for the best. That is why you are called an entrepreneur, take the risk because no one will do it for you.

What’s next?

Next is to open a second facility here in Portland to ensure a lean process that would allow me to grow in different regions.

Ochoa anticipates graduating in the fall and plans to finish two of his certificates in Food and Beverage and Social Innovation at PSU. In terms of his business Ochoa said he plans to “expand more in the food industry and find more opportunities where my knowledge can serve others.”

Visit the Cube webpage to learn more, or find out more about Woppa! alfajores.

— Autumn Barber

This is one a series of profiles about students in the Cube program, a four-month intensive course that is designed to prepare student entrepreneurs for launch and go-to-market for their companies.

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