Admitted Student Questions: Transferring Credits

We answered the most popular questions about transferring credits to PSU. Learn more about transferring to PSU and next steps for admitted transfer students.

How do I transfer credits to PSU?

When you apply to Portland State University, you are required to submit transcripts from all high schools and colleges you attended. We will pair this information with your application to determine your admissibility, then provide you with a report that confirms how many of your college credits will transfer with you to Portland State.

In collaboration with local Portland community colleges, we have a collection of transfer guides by major that can help you learn about the transfer process.

How do I transfer credits I earned at a community college while I am in high school?

If you are in high school and taking college courses, you will likely be considered an incoming first year at Portland State. Most college level courses will transfer to PSU, but you must provide us with an official transcript from the college or university issuing course credit. College courses represented on a high school transcript will not be reviewed for transferability. Read more about alternative ways to earn college credit.

How do I transfer credits that are still in process?

Be sure to send us an official transcript that includes your most recent grades and credit earned as soon as they’re available. We’ll review them for transferability even if they’re unavailable until after you’ve begun at Portland State. 

Which courses does PSU accept for credit?

The majority of courses offered at regionally accredited colleges and universities are considered college level and will be accepted for credit. However, remedial, developmental or para-professional courses are not accepted for credit. In certain instances, credit may be considered for admitted students on a case-by-case basis. Visit our page on Transfer Rules to read more. 

How do Advanced Placement credits apply to PSU?

You can review how your test scores apply as credits to PSU on our Advanced Placement information page.

Are there other high school classes that count for credit?

Yes! There are several alternative ways to earn college credits in high school, including International BaccalaureateCLEP and more.

What is my class standing (Sophomore, Junior, etc) when entering with credits from a community college? 

It depends on how many transferable credits you bring with you to Portland State. Once all your transcripts have been received by Portland State, we’ll provide you with a report that confirms how many credits you’ve successfully transferred, as well as your class standing. 

How do I submit transcripts?

Find all the information for submitting your transcripts and completing your application on our website.

Can I only transfer some of my courses, depending on the grade I received?

No. Students must submit all transcripts and we will award credit for all transfer-eligible courses. Students cannot decide which courses they would like to transfer.

How do Running Start programs affect my credits?

Any college level classes taken in high school will likely transfer to PSU, however, you must submit an official college transcript in addition to your high school transcript by August 1st if you want your college course work during high school to be reviewed for transferability. Learn more.

Can I transfer in with less than 90 credits if I am close?

Students may apply to Portland State with any level of college credits, though only those with 30 or more transferable quarter credits (20 semester credits) will be considered transfers. All others will be considered first years. 

How will high school senior inquiry credits apply?

You can read about Transferring Senior Inquiry credits and learn about how those credits will apply.

When do I need to turn in community college transcripts by? What about AP credits? 

The due date depends on the term you are applying for. Visit our Due Dates page for more information about our application and material deadlines.

Does an associate’s degree transfer directly or does it depend on individual credits?

Transferable associate’s degrees in Oregon are the AAOT and ASOT (or the OTM). In Washington, the Washington Direct Transfer Degree also works. Students need a 2.0 GPA for admission (rather than a 2.25), and are guaranteed to come in with junior standing. There are other associate’s degrees (nursing is an example) where we have to evaluate the courses one by one.

I earned college credit in high school for a psychology course, but I’m not majoring in psychology. Should I still send it over? 

Yes, you are required to submit all transcripts from previous high schools and colleges in your application.

Do I need to take a math placement exam if I have math college credit classes done?

You do not need to take the math placement exam if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Completed a college-level math course (level 100 or above) at a college, university or high school (for dual credit) within the past 12 months with a grade of C- or better
  • Completed Calculus I or above with a C- or better
  • Earned the scores below on an Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) test:
  • Calculus AB or BC: test Score of 3 or higher
  • IB Math Test: High Level

Can’t find an answer to your question? Reach out to your Admissions Counselor to schedule an appointment or get more information.

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