How PSU supports student parents

By: Ragan Love About 24 percent of Portland State students are parents or caregivers, and PSU offers many resources to help the unique challenges that come with balancing family and scholar life. One of the main support centers is the Resources for Students with Children. You can find its main office on the 4th floor of Smith Memorial Student Building, or the daycare centers on campus … Continue reading How PSU supports student parents

A New Fit Experience

by Beth Royston Earlier in the year, I had the opportunity to try something I’d always been curious about — working with a personal trainer. I was fortunate enough to try purchasing sessions with a personal trainer from campus Rec, with the hopes that I could get assistance developing an at-home routine that would help me get a little more fit. Due to the pandemic, … Continue reading A New Fit Experience

Roof With a View

by Beth Royston The fact that the city is filled with numerous food carts is one of my favorite things about Portland. Predictably, since starting at PSU, they’ve become slightly dangerous for my paycheck. The wealth of options for lunch and quick snacks around campus is really tempting. I find myself most often visiting the food cart pod on Fourth Avenue, hunting gyros or beef … Continue reading Roof With a View

Getting Active

by Beth Royston I used to play a lot of sports, but stopped playing in high school for various reasons before an injury put all sports on hold. I’ve played soccer, tennis, lacrosse, and volleyball, and really enjoyed all of them. I knew I wanted to get more active again, and hoped to find something that worked with my schedule and body. But I’m not … Continue reading Getting Active