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PSU alumni produce phenomenal podcasts

With the number of podcasts seeking listeners growing by the day, it can be hard to break through the noise. But two Portland State alums make it look easy. Both Sarah Marshall ‘10, MFA ‘12, MA ‘13 and David Naimon ‘19 MFA were named among the 20 best podcasts of 2021 by Variety. Marshall’s podcast, You’re Wrong About, explores well-known news stories with the help … Continue reading PSU alumni produce phenomenal podcasts

An “Honor”able Legacy

 By Naomi Kolb Every time that I see the Simon Benson House in the park blocks I’m reminded that graduation draws closer with each passing day. Today the sign on the building reads “53 days until you are alumni,” and that number will only continue to dwindle until the day comes that we don our caps and gowns. Amidst all of the other chaos of … Continue reading An “Honor”able Legacy

Why I’m Annoyed by the Alumni Countdown

 By Kellie Doherty There is a sign on the alumni building on campus that went up on March 5 declaring “100 Days Until You Are An Alumni.” It’s been steadily counting down since then. I get it. It’s supposed to portray the happiness and excitement of graduation. It’s supposed to get the students pumped about being alumni of this fabulous university. It’s supposed to be … Continue reading Why I’m Annoyed by the Alumni Countdown