Ultimate Internship Guide: How to find work, leverage LinkedIn and more

PSU career counselor Caitlin Sweeney and Disney Product Management intern Morgan Young (she’s a first year with more than 3,500 followers on LinkedIn) offer up an ocean’s-worth of useful information about navigating the job market and last-minute summer intern tips.  Continue reading Ultimate Internship Guide: How to find work, leverage LinkedIn and more

An Uncertain Senior

Starting at PSU, I knew that I wanted to delve into communications studies but had no idea what that truly meant. My first year, I took an intercultural communications course and was immediately drawn in by the depth in subject matter that we covered. From this course, I found that I was deeply interested in the influence of cultural and societal effects on interpersonal communication. … Continue reading An Uncertain Senior

5 ways to prepare for a job fair

Career fairs are a great tool for students looking for jobs or internships. Learn about different career paths and ask your career questions directly to employers. Develop and implement your professional image and build confidence in approaching employers. 5 tips to make the most of a career fair: • Review the list of participating employers in advance and identify which employers/organizations are most important or … Continue reading 5 ways to prepare for a job fair

Have no fear, Fearless Fridays are here!

  By: Sara Kirkpatrick As an up-and-coming professional, I’m constantly worried about my past getting in the way of my dream job. As students these fears are commonly expressed, but then quickly ignored; which is ironic because our past can be our strongest qualification. Our past, both good and bad, can lead to determining factors which help land us our dream job. Last Friday, I … Continue reading Have no fear, Fearless Fridays are here!

Real Talk About Internships

By Brooke Horn We’ve heard it before: Internships are a key part of your education. They provide valuable experience, they present networking opportunities, they look good on your resume, they help you transition from academia to the workplace, etc. We get it already. They’re important. What’s lacking in the conversation about internships (at least the ones I’m hearing) is how to really make them work … Continue reading Real Talk About Internships