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  • Find the Perfect Club at Portland State University

    Find the Perfect Club at Portland State University

    College is a time when we learn a lot about the world and ourselves. It is a great opportunity to branch out and learn a new skill or get active in a particular field of interest. PSU has hundreds of clubs to join in a variety of topics, from the Financial Management Association to the PSU PC Gaming…

  • Why I ‘Sailed through the Stars’

    Why I ‘Sailed through the Stars’

      By Kellie Doherty Graduate school is busy and stressful. But don’t get me wrong, I love my book publishing program. I’ll be sad to leave next month, but sometimes I just have to do something else. PSU has no shortage of cool events for students, and last Saturday was no exception. I decided to go…

  • One with the dragon

    One with the dragon

    By: Sharon Jackson In between lectures and essays, I will always have Dragon Boat. There is nothing like being on the open water with the wind in my face while gliding with focus through the Willamette on a warm spring day. Oh, and it is a full-body workout as well. It is the beginning of…