To eat spider, or not to eat spider?

By: Kadie Kobielusz I am a huge fan of If you aren’t a fan of them on Facebook, you need to be, because their videos are insanely inspirational and informative. I just finished learning about entomophagy: the diet of eating…BUGS! I was in cahoots when the video described lobsters as large bugs with legs, antennas and claws. True, but you don’t #$%@* eat those … Continue reading To eat spider, or not to eat spider?

Turkey, “Tofurkey”, and Gluten-free Stuffing

I hope all you Vikings had a delightfully relaxing and fulfilling holiday weekend! I was definitely thankful for the mini-vacation. But I suspect that if, like me, you spent most of Thanksgiving Day in the kitchen, you may have also had a few holiday-stress-induced breakdowns. At my house, we rarely have the dinner table feuds you see on TV – but I was still tearing … Continue reading Turkey, “Tofurkey”, and Gluten-free Stuffing