To eat spider, or not to eat spider?

By: Kadie Kobielusz

I am a huge fan of If you aren’t a fan of them on Facebook, you need to be, because their videos are insanely inspirational and informative. I just finished learning about entomophagy: the diet of eating…BUGS!

I was in cahoots when the video described lobsters as large bugs with legs, antennas and claws. True, but you don’t #$%@* eat those parts now do you? And they don’t go crunch in your mouth, either.

Yes, the video was compelling with the fact that bugs have about 80 percent protein as compared to beef. They also have an insanely high level of iron—which is great, because iron deficiency is currently the most common nutritional problem in the world.

spider on my plate

So what do you think? Would you bring a bag of crunchy bugs with you to keep up great levels of nutrition?

Check out the video here:





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