PSU student ‘living his dream’ with USGS internship

Never in his wildest dreams did Pascal Caraccioli Salinas imagine that he would be working with the U.S. Geological Survey as an undergrad, let alone an internship exploring geothermal resources — his dream career. “I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do this until after grad school,” Caraccioli Salinas said.  For the internship with USGS’s Geology, Minerals, Energy and Geophysics Science Center, he’s … Continue reading PSU student ‘living his dream’ with USGS internship

A Self-Diagnosed Imposter

By: Anna Sobczyk Easily self-diagnosable, imposter syndrome consists of chronic self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy despite finding professional success. As a woman majoring in math, I’ve definitely faced these feelings throughout my college career. Slowly, I’m realizing that the only person I still need to convince that I deserve to be in STEM is myself. Throughout my life, I have placed constant pressure on myself … Continue reading A Self-Diagnosed Imposter

A Degree of Suffering

By: Anna Sobczyk When I was a freshman, my pride in double majoring in math and quantitative economics held rank over my actual happiness. I didn’t go into college with the intention of double majoring, but quantitative economics and math overlapped so well I just thought, “Well, why not?” I was absolutely miserable, but I figured temporary misery was a solid trade for the salary … Continue reading A Degree of Suffering

Job Hunting By The Numbers

 By Naomi Kolb As graduation approaches, I find myself in the same boat as many of my fellow soon-to-be-alumni: I still don’t have a job or other obligation lined up for after graduation on June 17th. In the hopes of securing a job soon, I thought that I’d share part of my job-hunting experience. . . by the numbers. Days since I submitted my first … Continue reading Job Hunting By The Numbers