Navigating PSU as a Student of Color

At one point, I was a freshman, eager to go to my first university class, but not knowing what to expect. Inexperienced and with no siblings who had gone through the college life before, I was all on my own. Class registration, time management, budgeting, making friends, housing, food, finding a job, and numerous more things were all put on my plate at once. This … Continue reading Navigating PSU as a Student of Color

A Trip to the SHAC Center

After my investigation a few weeks ago on tuition fees, I decided to step inside the Student Health and Counseling Center ( to see what I am helping to fund.  My experience in hospital waiting areas has always been somewhat chaotic with crying children and packed rows of uncomfortable chairs, but The PSU clinic was surprisingly quiet and calm. There were no loud children and … Continue reading A Trip to the SHAC Center