Don’t Tolerate Disrespect

 By: Anna Sobczyk When it comes to summer jobs, there’s nothing quite as notorious as working in customer service. Coworkers and friends complain amongst each other, and entire memes exist based around the lamentations of the job. I work harvest during the summer, and so my job is a unique form of customer service. I see the same customers (the drivers and farmers) over, and … Continue reading Don’t Tolerate Disrespect

Work to Know the Value of Education

 By: Anna Sobczyk I live among the rolling hills of the Palouse in northern Idaho. Come August, those hills look like golden seas filled with wheat, barley, and legumes. The past four years, I’ve worked at a scale house during harvest. My experience there has been one of the most impactful on my life and character. Once harvest begins, I’m in the scale house at … Continue reading Work to Know the Value of Education