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  • KMC, home to PSU’s School of Business

    KMC, home to PSU’s School of Business

    Karl Miller Center is an iconic-world-class building, certified LEED Platinum for its sustainable design. Visitors are greeted to a stunning five-story all-glass atrium. Global classrooms are equipped with multiple video cameras and large monitors set up to broadcast class to students worldwide and give access to remote presenters.

  • Portland on Foot

    Portland on Foot

    When I chose to attend PSU, I knew I wanted to live on (or close to) campus.  Proximity to classes and university resources aside, living in the midst of a major metropolitan city famed for its public transportation would mean I could forgo the expenses that come with having a car. Now that I live…

  • Living the Dream

    Living the Dream

    By: Sharon Nellist One of my favorite things about Portland State University is how we are incredibly diverse. I have had the opportunity to meet so many new people from all sorts of backgrounds. I have been exposed to various cultures by those interactions right in my PSU backyard. January 18 was no different than…

  • The Power of Orange

    The Power of Orange

    By Olivia Clarke On my bedroom curtain, secured with a safety pin, is a little square of orange fabric. I got the square when I attended PSU’s Sustainability Celebration last spring – in return for my signature on a Divest PSU petition, I received this piece of fabric as a symbol of my support for…

  • Confessions of an Urban Gardener

    Confessions of an Urban Gardener

    By Olivia Clarke I first ventured into the PSU Community Garden last June, and I’ve been managing the Honors plot ever since. Thus far I’ve harvested strawberries, tomatoes, basil, and cucumbers, among other homegrown goodies. The Community Garden is a great opportunity for PSU residents to make sustainable food choices and build community. However, I’ve…

  • The Miserable but Hopeful Hiker

    The Miserable but Hopeful Hiker

    By Olivia Clarke When Spring Break rolled around, my friend and I decided to go backpacking in the Columbia Gorge. We arrived at the trailhead around noon, and from there we hiked up…and up…and up. It was an unpleasant trip. The weather was cold and wet. Our gear got soaked. Our hands went numb. The…

  • Let’s Talk Trash

    Let’s Talk Trash

    By Brooke Horn Lauren Singer’s green philosophy is pretty simple: produce as little waste as possible by making smart, sustainable lifestyle choices. As a whole, our society subscribes to the disposable model. We have disposable plastic ware, drink cups, water bottles, napkins, food wrappers, product packaging… the list is seemingly endless. Generating no trash might seem…

  • Chirp, Chirp, Squawk: Rediscovering Nature in the City

    Chirp, Chirp, Squawk: Rediscovering Nature in the City

    By Olivia Clarke “Look!” my classmate said excitedly, pointing up into a tree in the Montgomery courtyard. “A crow!” We were on a bird-watching field trip for our urban ecology class, led by a member of the Audubon Society. Our guide had arrived in our classroom thirty minutes earlier to give us an overview of…

  • On Courage and the Humble Compost Pail

    On Courage and the Humble Compost Pail

    By Olivia Clarke If I stick my head out of my apartment window, I can see that the ground is littered with discarded food: two whole onions, yellow peppers, decomposing noodles. Someone above me has been tossing this stuff out of the window all year. Each time we notice new scraps, my roommate and I…