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  • PSU grad student helping forecast ‘rivers in the sky’

    PSU grad student helping forecast ‘rivers in the sky’

    Where an atmospheric river lands and how intense it will be is something researchers are trying to better forecast by flying data-collecting missions into the storms — and Portland State grad student Emma Russell gets to be a part of the action.

  • Storms Ahead

    Storms Ahead

    I wouldn’t say I hate the rain … but it’s not my favorite natural phenomenon, either. The dismal grey skies and absence of natural light. Soaked clothes and muddy shoes. Umbrellas dripping all over the carpet. Humidity that turns an hour’s effort with the straightening iron into a frizzy, unkempt mess. The ever-present risk of…

  • | Spring |

    | Spring |

    by Sierra Pruitt Spring time always make people giddy and it’s one of the best things I get to witness during this season. Being in Portland, I absolutely love the days of sunshine because people are outside enjoying what we don’t get enough of. But I have also came to the conclusion that we need…

  • Winter break part deux

    Spring break in most areas means warm weather, hitting up the beach, and rooftop parties. Spring break in Portland means rain, snowboarding and staying in to watch movies on TV. Any kind of skinny-dipping around here will lead to hypothermia. For a lot of out-of-state students, this is quite the drastic change. Many students come…