Graduate school worries

About three months ago I noticed a perpetual voice in the back in my head, always asking the same question: “What are you going to do after graduation?”

I have always considered myself an academic, and grad school seems to be the natural next step. But should I go right after completing my undergrad? That means that the next few months will be spent shopping around for schools, seeking out financial aid opportunities and scholarships, and studying for the GRE.

Or I could try my hand in the work force to get some experience. In some fields, graduate programs are seeking applicants who have firsthand experience either working or volunteering. But what if I can’t find a job?

The past few months have been the most stressful in my life, and I have a feeling it may only get worse! It’s difficult to try and follow your heart when you’re stuck in your head. How am I supposed to make what feels like one of the biggest decisions of my life?




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