A Major Change

Since childhood, literature, writing, and media have been my biggest passions. I assumed that if I went to college, I’d major in English. However, with near-constant articles and reports warning of a difficult job market, I began to question whether English was a good choice. After extensive advice from well-meaning people, I assumed a business degree was the “safe” route to gainful employment after graduation. … Continue reading A Major Change

Isn’t there an easy button for life?

By: Mario Quintana It’s only been recently that I have given much thought on what may follow after I graduate. I find it hard to believe that four years ago I stepped onto this campus and thought it would seem forever before I found myself at commencement. I like many students, had my share of difficulties along the way, times of procrastination, and uncertainties about … Continue reading Isn’t there an easy button for life?

Anti-Bucket List: 10 Things I Hope I Never Do In My Life Time

Have you ever told yourself, after seeing someone do something insane that you would never do that? I’m sure we all have, and this is my list of things I wouldn’t do or at least hope I never do in my life. Would you do any of them or what do you not hope to do? 1. Not graduate. I’m in school and paying for … Continue reading Anti-Bucket List: 10 Things I Hope I Never Do In My Life Time

Graduate school worries

About three months ago I noticed a perpetual voice in the back in my head, always asking the same question: “What are you going to do after graduation?”

I have always considered myself an academic, and grad school seems to be the natural next step. But should I go right after completing my undergrad? That means that the next few months will be spent shopping around for schools, seeking out financial aid opportunities and scholarships, and studying for the GRE.
Continue reading “Graduate school worries”