Anti-Bucket List: 10 Things I Hope I Never Do In My Life Time

Have you ever told yourself, after seeing someone do something insane that you would never do that? I’m sure we all have, and this is my list of things I wouldn’t do or at least hope I never do in my life. Would you do any of them or what do you not hope to do?

1. Not graduate. I’m in school and paying for a reason so I hope to graduate.

2. Go to prison. I don’t want a record, do you?

3. Regret my decisions. I like to think every decision I make is the right one.

4. Stop taking chances. There is nothing to lose after all.

5. Get stuck in a job I don’t like. I want to enjoy what I do for a living.

6. Fall on a treadmill while working out. That would hurt and be embarrassing!

7. Give up on my goals. I want to reach what I set out to do.

8. Let work dictate my time. Work is important but so is family.

9. Take life too seriously. Having fun makes you feel so much better. 

10. Forget about my values. My values define me and I wouldn’t want to lose them.




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