CRC – Part II

Columbia River I-5 Bridge
Columbia River I-5 Bridge

The Aug. 11th, Vancouver’s, Columbian editorial, “It’s time to move forward“, was insightful and accurate. Like many, I was prepared to accept that the Columbia River Crossing was dead. However, it looks like there may be a glimmer of life left in the idea. More than $170 million, countless man-hours of expert engineering data, and nearly a decade of time is invested in this project. Our State and Federal leaders must exhaust all avenues before giving up. And so I was elated when I discovered Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber is working on a last ditch effort, “Oregon Lite…CRC”,, to still work with the CRC project and breath life into this extremely important project.

What surprised me (yet again) was the apparent anger and resentment by the Republican coalition of the Washington state Senate to even consider another idea. Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, made reference to Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber as, “uncooperative”, for even bringing forth this unique idea. Our leaders should be looking at all ideas to fix a problem — not to kill a possible solution. Such attitudes and actions tell me people’s own agendas, or egos, seem to have more value to them than looking for compromise that can address this big problem that faces the largest roadway on the Western side of North America — Interstate 5.

To value ego over the possibility of a good idea to help find a solution to the I-5 crossing is not good leadership. It is not leadership at all.

We can and must do better.

4 thoughts on “CRC – Part II

  1. And yet, when the CRC Scammers refused to strip loot rail off the bridge and raise it to avoid wasted mitigation costs, did you take them to task?

    Of course not. Because like most of your ilk, your bizarre concept of “compromise” means “do it my way.”

    It’s just a shame that you allow your massive bias and arrogance to rule your keyboard.

    When it comes to student bloggers…

    They can and must do better.

  2. K.J. Hinton’s reply is unfortunately what a small but dedicated portion of Clark County’s population regards to the notion of the CRC project and specifically to Light Rail entering Clark County. Most enlightened opinions do not think along these lines nor choose to use such language and attitudes to demonstrate their point of view.

  3. True, Mike, most don’t. Yet you continue to write that way anyhow. Perhaps if you could take your own advice, you wouldn’t come across as such an elitist, self-centered buffoon.

    Your idea of “enlightenment” is to ram a project down the throats of the people without asking us… and to yoke us to ever-increasing tolls for 40-plus years to shave 60 seconds off the southbound commute all to make it easier for you to get on your precious… and utterly worthless compared to BRT… light rail.

    Our local representatives in the 18th District have done an exceptional job of killing this scam… and it will, hopefully, remain dead, Kitzhaber’s… and your… machinations notwithstanding.

  4. Update- the State of Oregon has decided to step and fund the bridge across the Columbia River and to include Light Rail. It is not a “done deal” just yet but it is very close now. It now comes down to Gov. Kitzhaber and his ability to convince Oregon’s legislature that this is a wise and prudent move. The original price tag of $3.4 billion has been whittled down by Oregon’s plan to $2.75 billion. Since Washington State decided to not negotiate any more and pulled away from all talk- Oregon has picked up the ball.

    Hooray for the State of Oregon!!!

    Common sense may prevail after all.

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