That elusive job!


Did you enjoy the “All Major Career & Internship Fair” at the Smith Memorial Student Union last Tuesday? With representatives from more than 60 organizations, including those from private industry, government and non-profits, it was a perfect opportunity to start the search for that elusive job and get to know the various opportunities out there. Some of the popular companies who made their presence felt at the fair were Boeing, Blount International, Cambia Health Solutions, and Hershey Company.

An elevator pitch is an important element of the career fair for which the students need to train in advance. If you are wondering what an elevator pitch is – it is a one sentence, succinct description of what you bring to the table, and how you are a good fit for the company. This may essentially compel a company to immediately take note of and get interested in you. It was good to see students practicing their elevator pitches outside the ballroom while getting ready to impress employers.

Apart from the employers, there were representatives from Portland State University (School of Education, Business graduate programs office) to help students chose companies based on their skill sets. This was definitely the first chance to take a shot at an internship for next summer or for full-time careers for graduating students. Hope you all made good use of the event. And in case you missed it, there are a couple more career fairs to look out for – The Nonprofit 2013 career fair on the 7th of November and Northwest Career fair on the 18th of November. For more details see

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