What is Co-Admission?

Co-admission (also known as dual enrollment) is a special admissions process that allows you to take classes at Portland State and a local community college at the same time. It’s a great option if you are trying to save money on tuition and want to eventually transition from a community college to Portland State.


As a co-admitted student you may, in any given term, attend school to earn credit toward your degree in one of three ways:

  • Take all courses at Portland State
  • Take all courses at the community college
  • Take some courses at Portland State and some at the community college

Co-admission is different from transferring because you will be admitted to Portland State and the community college and will have the opportunity to take classes at more than one institution at the same time.

You will have 10 terms before you are required to take classes at Portland State (that’s just over two years of classes, including summers).


The main benefit of being co-admitted is that you can save a lot of money on tuition while still having access to Portland State resources, like academic advisors, the degree audit system, clubs and events, and the library. Tuition at community colleges is usually a lot cheaper and you can also apply to programs like the Oregon Promise Grant to help with tuition costs at the community college.

Being co-admitted can also be useful if you are taking classes at community college but want a Portland State scholarship. If you’re co-admitted in the fall and you’ve been approved for the scholarship, you can continue to take classes at your community college and you’ll start receiving the scholarship funds when you enroll full-time at Portland State.

If you are attending one of the local community colleges that Portland State partners with, your school will automatically send transcripts at the end of each term. You will also get coordinated financial aid when you are taking classes at both Portland State and the community college. You can read more about how financial aid works with co-admission on our website.


Yes, you can still get into University Honors College if you are co-admitted! Our admissions counselors can work individually with you about where you would be placed based on your unique situation. 

Learn more about co-admission at Portland State and reach out to your Admissions Counselor to learn if co-admission is a good option for you.  If you are already admitted to Portland State, you can apply for co-admission.

If you haven’t applied to Portland State, apply as a new student and select the option to be co-admitted.

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