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  • Ship Talk Episode 2: Affordability

    Ship Talk Episode 2: Affordability

    Episode 2 of Ship Talk, a new Portland State University Admissions Podcast, is out today! Join co-hosts Stacey Horton and Kanani Porotesano, along with special guest Donna Myers from the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, to learn how PSU makes education affordable through scholarships, grants and loans, programs like Tuition Free Degree, and…

  • What is the Tuition-Free Degree Program?

    What is the Tuition-Free Degree Program?

    Earning a college degree is one of the best ways to access a fulfilling career path, and graduating with as little debt as possible gives you even more freedom to pursue your passions. Let us introduce you to Tuition Free Degree, a program with a bold commitment: If you are an eligible Oregon resident, PSU…

  • What is Co-Admission?

    What is Co-Admission?

    Co-admission (also known as dual enrollment) is a special admissions process that allows you to take classes at Portland State and a local community college at the same time. It’s a great option if you are trying to save money on tuition and want to eventually transition from a community college to Portland State. HOW…

  • Need help paying for college? Start here.

    Need help paying for college? Start here.

    financial aid, including scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs. Nearly two-thirds of PSU students receive financial aid, and the average student receives more than $11,000 per year

  • FAFSA Myths Busted

    FAFSA Myths Busted

    We sometimes find that students don’t fill out the FAFSA because they think they’re not eligible, won’t get any financial aid, that it’s too complicated, or that it only impacts federal aid. We’ve busted these myths and more. Filling out the FAFSA has many benefits. Fill it out now so you don’t risk missing out…

  • What is the Pell Grant?

    What is the Pell Grant?

    Figuring out how you will pay for college can be stressful and exhausting. There are many funding opportunities, and it’s difficult to determine what you qualify for and how to apply. The Pell Grant, a federally-funded grant, is an excellent source of money for students with high financial need. In order to get the Pell Grant…

  • Admitted Student Questions: Financial Aid

    Admitted Student Questions: Financial Aid

    It probably comes as no surprise that Financial Aid was the most popular topic for admitted students. We’ve answered all 79 of the questions we received during the Admitted Student Webinar on April 15. If you have more questions, take some time to peruse the Financial Aid website or contact the Office of Financial Aid. FINANCIAL AID AWARD…