A purr-fect match: Tips for student pet-owners

By: Brooke Horn When I moved here, I couldn’t bring Bandit with me. I knew that a 400sqft studio in the city is no place for an energetic Black Lab, and that I would be able to adopt after the move. Bandit was more than happy to stay home with family and escape the traumatic experience of flying. After settling into Portland, I did a lot of … Continue reading A purr-fect match: Tips for student pet-owners

Tips for Living in the Dorms

By: Amanda Katz and Marilynn Sandoval Ahh at last, the time when every incoming freshman student counts the days until they move out of their parents’ home and into a college dorm. Keeping in touch with their future roommates, who may be from other states and countries. Trying to figure out who will bring what and what their taste and preferences are. Well, we have … Continue reading Tips for Living in the Dorms

Call Campus Security? Maybe not.

Over Christmas, as I returned to my car at 2 a.m., I was approached by four muscular campus security officers, in three patrol cars. It was a little scary. Someone had called in a complaint about a man “trying to break into the library, wearing a hoody.”  I had returned some books to the Millar Library dropbox, and then carried the library’s delivered New York Times closer … Continue reading Call Campus Security? Maybe not.

Living in University Pointe

It is that time of year, again. A new school year, new classes, and for me, a new place to live. University Pointe, the new on-campus 16-floor apartment building, is finally open for lease to all students this fall. The apartments definitely surpassed my expectations of a typical apartment. My roommates and I chose the private four-bedroom and two-bathroom option. It is fully furnished, with … Continue reading Living in University Pointe

A Night in the Life of a Resident Assistant

It’s 10 p.m. on a school night. Most of you will probably be home, studying, or finishing a night with friends, but for a few students on campus, their night is just beginning. These students are on-call Resident Assistants (R.As). Do, beep, do, beep, do, do, do….The phone is ringing and I’ve just begun my night on-call. I pick up and the voice on the … Continue reading A Night in the Life of a Resident Assistant