Living in University Pointe

It is that time of year, again. A new school year, new classes, and for me, a new place to live.

University Pointe, the new on-campus 16-floor apartment building, is finally open for lease to all students this fall. The apartments definitely surpassed my expectations of a typical apartment. My roommates and I chose the private four-bedroom and two-bathroom option. It is fully furnished, with lots of personal and community amenities. It is definitely an upgrade from my first-year shared room when I lived in the Broadway dormitory. With my own room and no RA, I enjoy my own independence and privacy. However, there are Community assistants and on-site staff to help whenever it is needed.

There is a controversy with the cost of the apartments. For my four-bedroom room, it is $599 per person. Compared to apartments in the surrounding Portland area, the cost averages around $300-600 per person ( Before I decided to live in the apartments, I considered these off-campus alternatives in Clackamas, Beaverton, and other areas in Portland. Ultimately, I chose University Pointe because it was conveniently on-campus, therefore, saving a few hundred bucks from not purchasing a parking permit or transit pass. In addition, the utilities are all included in the rent.

If you are looking for a place to live on or off campus, check out these sites:


7 thoughts on “Living in University Pointe

  1. Hey! That kitchen looks sooo nice. I will be transferring to PSU and I’m trying to decide which campus housing building to live in… Does each building have a kind of distinct culture or do people usually just pick based on cost & location? Thanks.

    1. Each building is different in set-up and the amenities they offer. If you’re thinking of living in the dorms, some floors are themed to those students with a certain preference, or interest. For example, in the broadway dorms, there is a ‘global leadership’ floor, S’TEMs (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)’ floor, etc. I think for most of us, cost plays a major role in deciding where to live. Personally, I like my place to be more modern and new, so cost wasn’t the biggest factor for me. Broadway, Stephen Epler, and University Pointe are some of the newer buildings. As for location, they are within distance of PSU campus. You should check out: for on-campus housing, and the other sites I listed on my blog. Thanks for responding, and good luck Rosie!

  2. Hello 🙂
    How are you liking University Pointe so far? I’m thinking to apply for the four-bedroom 2-bathroom option for this Fall since it’s cheaper compared to PSU’s on-campus housing, but I’m still somewhat hesitant about it. I’ve read some reviews about University Pointe talking about how the management is sometimes unhelpful and the cost is not worth the place.
    It’d be awesome to hear about University Pointe from your own experience 🙂
    Thank you!

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